Azerbaijan’s lobby in the US


Azerbaijan Lobby in US

Infographic showing amount of money Azerbaijan state bodies and organizations spend for lobbying in US. Huge amount of data analyzed through US Department of Justice openly published documents signed between Azerbaijan state bodies, commercial organizations related to official Baku and agents lobbying Azerbaijan interests in the United States.

What is Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan Republic is located to south of Russia and north of Iran. Since gaining independence after Soviet Union collapse in 1991 Azerbaijan built the worse dictatorship in Europe today. Since 2003 president Heidar Aliyev passes away his son Ilham becomes the president, who has about 100 political prisoners jailed now, among whom human rights activists, journalists and political figures. Azerbaijan has more political prisoners than Russia and Belarus combined.

For years Azerbaijan is severely criticized by all international human rights organizations including Human Rights Watch, Helsinki Association, Freedom House, Amnesty International. Recently Aliyev regime blocked offices of OSCE, Oxfam, Irex, Radio Liberty, Sputnik Radio, quit Euronest and claims Azerbaijan will quit Council of Europe and stop cooperation with European Union if critics towards regime continues.

Azerbaijan spends millions sponsoring media outlets around the world, contracting lobbyists in US and Europe, covering expenses of US congressmen trips to Azerbaijan, gifting statesmen with expensive carpets, caviar, various presents, becoming permanent advertiser at Euronews Television Channel, general sponsor of Atletico Madrid Football team, holding major sports and music events in Azerbaijan – all having main objective – whiten Azerbaijan dictatorship image around the world.


Lobbyists in infographic

List of clients of US lobbying companies include Azerbaijan Embassy in US, Azerbaijan Consulate in US, Azerbaijan America Alliance, State Oil Company of Azerbaijan, US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, Azerbaijan President Staff, International Bank of Azerbaijan. Also agent companies named Renaissance Association Baku, Renaissance Association SA, Camelot Oil and Gas Company.

List of contractors include Fabiani and Co, Carpino & Associates, Patton-Boggs, Podesta Group, Bob Lawrence and Associates, Crane Group, The Livingston Group, Tool Shed Group, Jefferson Waterman International.

List of media outlets influenced by Azerbaijan lobbyists contractors include The New York Times, Washinton Times, Forreign Affairs, Huffington Post, The Hill, etc.


Infographic structure

Circle structure was chosen as general layout with president Ilham Aliyev in the center with smaller circle of Azerbaijan state bodies and commercial organizations related to official Baku. Smaller circle is surrounded by a larger circle of US lobbyist organizations. Companies and statesmen are located outside larger circle having relations to lobbyist organizations.

Every connection between any company or person has link to online source from US Department of Justice document database.